Tuesday, February 10, 2015

SWTOR 2015 Roadmap

SWTOR Roadmap Shortsighted

Producer Bruce Maclean's SWTOR 2015 roadmap is available on the official website. It states essentially what was previewed at recent community cantina events.

SWTOR 2015 Roadmap

Unfortunately this is very shortsighted and light on details, focused heavily on the first quarter of the year - and we're already in February.

HM Flashpoints and PvP

Even after adjusting Hard Mode Flashpoint rewards, I haven't felt they warranted the time to farm up on my alts. At least Blood Hunt and Rishi are still fresh and we aren't waiting until a major update for their HMs.

I gave up on PvP. Bioware keeps saying there's more in development and they have a plan for improved queues and matchmaking, but in the meantime I find it boring. Either you stomp or get stomped, depending on the groups.

With no word on how matchmaking will be improved I imagine the ranked season will still be full of premades in solo queue and win traders in group matches. How can you peg someone as cheating if there are only enough people queued for one match?

Ziost and Story

We were told Ziost was coming and it would continue the story after the events of Yavin 4 played out. It should be interesting to see if we'll have another class-specific quest on the new planet or how our choices are incorporated in the overarching storyline.

This is what I have the highest hopes for right now. Bioware's strengths lie in storytelling and they should always play that up to stand out from other MMORPGs. If they can pull off less generic questing than Yavin dailies the majority of the casual player base should be satisfied.

Friday, February 6, 2015

DnT HM Revan Kill

Death and Taxes Hard Mode Revan Kill

Congratulations to DnT

Death and Taxes downed Hard Mode Revan with a Deception Assassin on the team. This is noteworthy because full Bounty Hunter teams have been preferable since they currently provide unparalleled damage and mobility.

The team jokingly mentioned they needed an emote to lift Tenebras on the team's shoulders, implying they carried him. He often dishes out advice on Twitter and I'm happy to see his success.

In their announcement DnT stated this was the most difficult encounter in the game and overtuned for a Hard Mode fight.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Exploit Response from Bioware

Bioware (Finally) Responds to Ravagers Exploit

By now most level 60 players have likely heard about the Ravagers loot exploit, which was finally fixed after about a month. I wanted to wait until Bioware acted before commenting on the situation.

Community Mindset

It's easy to see why players flocked to this particular exploit: action was not taken against Nefra or Dash'roode exploiters, and Nefra took multiple patches to try to fix pathing issues before a working resolution was implemented.

That alone isn't enough to persuade longtime upstanding players to cheat though. The main problem was that Shadow of Revan launched in an unacceptably buggy state and a week later the entire staff disappears for a month. There must have seriously been one person watching the servers during the holidays, just in case there was a failure.

Finally, after dealing with bugs and knowing Bioware's track record for extreme leniency towards exploits, there's peer pressure. It's not an excuse, but if you're getting told "We all have our chest armor, why don't you? If Bioware does anything they'll just remove the gear we're getting" it sounds like a good deal.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Bioware gets back from their monthlong vacation and threatens the wrath of the maker upon the playerbase. This was, naturally, met by players blaming Bioware for doing nothing to fix the exploit and letting it spread across servers instead of taking responsibility for their choice.

Now we have a company that completely dropped the ball by letting this go on for so long that also needs to take some sort of action for ToS violations. Expectedly, players became hostile towards Bioware and each other during the wait to see what punishments would actually be doled out.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Temple of Sacrifice Operation

Temple of Sacrifice

All the story mode videos for Temple of Sacrifice bosses are ready for you to view. We also started Hard Modes and those fights will be added to the appropriate playlists in a few days.

Happy New Year

Shoutout to the SWTOR development team taking a month off while massive bugs and exploits were introduced right before the holidays. The sad thing is addressing exploits will take resources away from fixing things like Underlurker's casts breaking early, doing random 180s, and the cross failing for no reason amongst other non-raid problems.

It's situations like these that make me want to stay away from game development, despite the allure. Enjoy playing catch-up when you get back to the office, guys. I hope you had a nice break.

To my viewers: I genuinely thank you for your continued support. Have an awesome year.