Monday, September 22, 2014

Guild Ship Unlocks: That's an Expensive Hallway

SWTOR Conquest Guild Ship Unlocks

Logistical Encryption Unlock

Conquests have been active for a while. After some guild merging and recruiting, we unlocked the first Logistical Encryption area of our guild capital ship. It's a hallway leading to more rooms to buy.

Is that an unreasonable amount of effort for a small area a handful of people can decorate? Maybe not, if we keep perspective of Conquests happening weekly for the rest of SWTOR's lifetime. It does, however, suck some of the enthusiasm out of us who were initially pretty excited about the system.

Conquest Leaderboard

The main thing putting me off from dumping all my time and effort into my guild's conquest points is the unlikelihood of actually placing at the top of the leaderboard when there are larger guilds that already focus on repeatable objectives as their normal gameplay preference. Most weeks this seems to be PvPers.

As an aside, the week ranked PvP objectives were highlighted I only got in one match the entire week and it was against a guild premade. This was in solo queue but it doesn't matter because the matchmaker's coding at this server population is completely worthless. I raged a bit and decided to take a break from PvP.

Back on topic: If you can't win first place, you just need to hit top 10 for your rewards. Now that the initial rush is over this can be accomplished by simply having a guild ship and choosing a planet with crappy bonuses. There's no competition for ranks 3-10.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Deception Assassin changes in SWTOR 2.10

Deception Assassin Skill Changes for SWTOR 2.10

Our Deception skill tree is seeing some changes on PTS patch 2.10.


  • Discharge now properly calculates damage based on the current number of Static Charges. This results in the damage at 1 stack being increased, the damage at 2 stacks being decreased, and the damage at 3 stacks remaining the same.
  • Voltaic Slash now has a base cost of 23 Force (down from 25).
  • Voltage now increases the chance to trigger Surging Charge by 12.5% per Voltage stack, in addition to its other effects.
  • Saber Conduit can now occur once every 9 seconds (down from every 10 seconds).
  • Electric Ambush now has a 100% chance to grant 1/2 stacks of Static Charge when Recklessness is used (changed from a 50%/100% chance to grant 3 stacks). It still reduces the cooldown of Recklessness upon exiting combat.

The TL;DR on that is a small DPS gain while trading off some on-demand burst. Servers are up, so discuss the changes and parse for yourself to give the developers feedback.

My initial testing is showing a 200-300 dps gain over live parses. I don't enjoy managing 2-stack Static Charge from Recklessness on top of Force starvation which actually seems worse despite reducing various costs due to a rotation change.

Update: Electric Ambush has been reverted. Deception will retain its initial Discharge burst.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Nightmare Dread Palace - SWTOR DnT

Nightmare Dread Palace

While I'm still working on Dread Fortress, some acquaintances I often pick up tips from finished a timed run of Nightmare Dread Palace with Nightmare Power active.

Watch the impressive Dread Master title run from Assassin Tank Tenebras' point of view.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Progress: Nightmare Mode Draxus Down

Nightmare Draxus Downed by TORWars Midnight Mynocks

It took awhile to get a solid team together long enough to practice Draxus' wave 5-6 mechanics. My team managed the kill this week with a few extra hours of raiding each night.

Grob'thok appears to be a simple tank coordination encounter. I hope to have that completed by the end of next week. If Brontes is too overwhelming to tackle when we reach her, we plan to switch to the first few bosses of Palace. Check out the full Nightmare Dread Fortress overview.