Thursday, November 15, 2012

5 Helpful Patch 1.5 Articles

Going mad during maintenance? Check out these helpful posts from around the internet while you wait on downtime and downloading for Patch 1.5.

SWTOR-Spy Cartel Market Calculator - Fill out a virtual checkout cart with the items you plan on buying to see what the cost in real cash will be.

Corellian Run Radio: F2P in the Long Run - Thoughts on how restrictive F2P is and speculation about the future. "The Free-to-play experience [...] is a giant clusterbomb of fragmented, unnecessarily restrictive locks and bars at every turn."

Dulfy provides the first Dreadtooth world boss information - "This fight is a bit healing intensive and at higher stacks will become a healer check due to the amount of AoE raid damage. In addition, proper positioning of Dreadtooth (i.e. tank against a wall) is essential..."

Dulfy's HK-51 quest guide - A complete walkthrough to obtain HK-51 for those who don't mind spoilers.

SWTOR Face Video Guide to Voiced Emotes - Roleplayers rejoice, because some emotes are now voice acted.