Wednesday, January 30, 2013

SWTOR Combat Log Parser Comparison

SWTOR Combat Log Parsers

The combat log landscape has changed since I last shared my opinion on what works well and what doesn't. It's time to get you up to speed on which parser is capable of meeting your needs.


The most notable change since last time is AskMrRobot's database and encounter list is outdated, taking it out of the running. Support for detecting and stitching together logs from new Operations is handicapped because of this.

SWMonitor, which allowed one person to upload an entire raid group's collective logs to AskMrRobot has not been updated in half a year.

AMR's development team has lately focused on other games which impacted the usefulness of tools like Simulationcraft and an armory plugin. I would love for them to continue working on SWTOR tools, but I understand their priories need to be on what most of their users play - right now, that's not TOR.

TORPARSE is the most promising online parser there is right now. Of any of the parsers I've used, this handles in-combat restealthing most accurately. You don't get 12 second bites of a new encounter entry splitting up your log every time you Cloak.

Fights are listed as timestamps, but recognized bosses can be optionally labeled by name. You can browse top DPS or Healing for any level 50 group content in the game publicly, or search for something in particular.

Rankings do not require the majority of a group from a fight to upload their logs to verify yours with TORPARSE, so with enough users we can get a good idea of overall class performance in differently designed encounters. You can join logs for a group and even password protect it if you wish.

desktop application is in development and may remove the manual step of uploading logs in addition to providing real-time DPS or Healing meters.

Any cons? One pretty annoying issue - some optimization needs done. The site can be unresponsive for 20-30 seconds when you load a log's chart. I thought I was crashing the first time it happened to me; now I expect it. Hopefully that will get hammered out soon.

Memories of Xendor (MOX)

MOX Raid Parser - Table View

One of the first and probably most widely used combat log parser, MOX is still incredibly useful.

MOX Web Parser - Text Output
The solo web parser presents a difficult to read text output and doesn't save it for later use.

With that fault out of the way, their desktop parser is phenomenal and automatically uploads a raid's logs when using a sync key. You enter that key on the site and can view a table with data from individual combat sessions. The interface isn't as streamlined as the newer tools, but MOX is reliable.

TOR Assistant is an alternative built on top of MOX with support for audio notifications for DoT/HoT timers or procs. Regrettably, no other tools have been added since it's initial release - but it's still worth mentioning.


Until TORPARSE's desktop client is completed, MOX is your best option for real-time information and ease of access to that data later.

From a purely web-based standpoint I recommend TORPARSE now because of the potential insight it can give us about class balance. Do you have a favorite or want to share some lesser-known parsers? Comment below.