Friday, February 22, 2013

Compiled PTS Patch 2.0 Assassin Impressions

Compiled Assassin Impressions from PTS 2.0

Inquisitor and Consular Symbols
There are some really interesting posts made from PTS testers pertaining to Assassins of all specs. Let's take a look.

Stat Scaling

KeyboardNinja has some close estimates of how stats scale after Patch 2.0's formula changes.

The TL:DR on this one is that your stat sheet will show 50-70% of what your current live stats are after and stats (except Power) scale more slowly. He also expects Shielding in PvP to pull ahead of DPS players' Critical chance, making tanks very sturdy in the future.

Skill Trees

SWTOR-Spy has quickly updated their database for 2.0, including Skill Tree changes for all Advanced Classes.

An official forum thread questions the removal of 20% extra armor from the Darkness Assassin talent Eye of the Storm. Class Designer Austin Peckenpaugh from Bioware responded:

Even without this change, an increase of 5 levels warrants a re-evaluation of everything (survivability, single target damage, aoe damage, single target threat, aoe threat, single target healing, aoe healing, etc). Re-evaluations usually mean changes. In this case you're seeing a rebalance - not a nerf.

Literally every skill tree has been re-evaluated and rebalanced, not just yours.
 Essentially, it looks like they achieved the result they wanted by this change in conjunction with Shields working against more attack types.

Assassin Changes Detailed

A thread with collected impressions shows how the community is taking the changes to Assassins.

Here are a few pickers from the post:


  • Phase Walk increases healing received by nearby players.
  • Maul can be used while facing the target.
  • Consumed Dark Ward charges increase your Absorption.
  • Improvements to Force management are coming in another build based on feedback.


  • 6% more damage on Maul fully talented
  • Loss of massive Shock criticals
  • Parsing ~2300 DPS


  • Death Field now hits 5 targets, grants 15 Deathmarks
  • 30% less damage taken while stunned
  • Lacerate triggers Lightning Charge
  • Increased DoT damage on targets in execute range
  • Talented Whirlwind is no longer instant
  • Duplicity is out of reach
  • Parsing ~2200 DPS

Do you have anything to add from your experiences?