Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Galactic Reputation Rewards Your Playstyle

Galactic Reputation Rewards Your Playstyle

Gree Reputation Vendor

Today we got our hands on SWTOR's new Galactic Reputation system which rewards playing the way you want to. I think this is a fantastic way to improve player retention for the long-term.

Horizontal Progression Done Right

Progression is usually vertical. Level 1 to 50, get Tionese gear so you can get Columi to earn Rakata, etc. Horizontal progression is the filler we do for fun between these milestones, and many times it's overlooked or poorly implemented.

Gray Helix Saberstaff

Galactic Reputation is a revolutionary way to give us a variety of activities to do if and when we choose to. We can play any character and go all-in to get his shiny new armor. Maybe you only like part of an event? That's fine; instead of raging at the part you don't like, hop on alts and do the part you enjoy.

Relics of the Gree

Red Scalene ArmorAt the forefront of the Galactic Reputation system is the 2 week Relics of the Gree event. The quests themselves aren't revolutionary and really don't require an explanation. You pick up the quest on the fleet, head out to Ilum and run around killing and clicking things as they spawn.

Thanks to Legacy wide Reputation rewards, if you get sick of one aspect of the event after one try at it (like I did in the PvP area) you can make the choice to just work on the PvE quests but do them on more characters. Same result, more fun.

There isn't any reason to do any task you don't like. Reputation rewards are all vanity items, so there's no pressure to "work" at a game so you're prepared for the next tier.

Promoting Exploration

Were you surprised to see a Voss reputation? I had only done one of the Voss heroics before Galactic Reputation released. Today I did all of the quests required for the Defending Voss Weekly.

Turns out, it was a real challenge. I barely scraped by soloing them after needing to go Darkness spec. Who would have thought level 45 quests would be more challenging than what you find in the Belsavis bonus series or Black Hole? I enjoyed every single minute of it. For me, it was new content I'd have never done without a gentle pull of the reputation carrot on a stick.

Voss Ambassador Armor

Will I use the Ambassador armor from Voss? Probably not, but as long as its fun it will stay on my weekly to-do list. There is the chance that my level 7 Sage will like the outfit when she hits 45 - and it will instantly be available.

I did Section X dailies on the Republic side for the first time because it contributes to my Belsavis reputation. I found out they have some epicly long tomb-raider quests, one of which is equally as annoying as Empire's Air Strike Codes are.

There's no better way to make "filler" content than by sticking a reward on some perfectly fine but somewhat neglected quests. It feels new enough with a suitable amount of effort required for whichever reward you want.

No More Grind

With weekly reputation caps, Bioware can set the pacing to exactly how long they want content to last. It helps them to know when we'll run out of things to do and it keeps us from going insane with old school farm 5 billion rats quests on  each character, no less.

I'm inviting you to take a look at the rewards offered by each vendor and decide how badly you want each thing. Focus on that objective and enjoy the experience. Don't fret about the nonsense that usually bothers you because the power is in your hands to go after what you want.

I choose to max out Gree Enclave reputation by the end of the event and have a Red Scalene outfit on me if I ever want to use it. I'm also dabbling in the other Organizations with a focus on the space combat rewards. With Patch 1.7, I feel like there's a ton of things for me to do all because of the re-framing Galactic Reputation provided me.

Do you feel like Galactic Reputation has freshened your outlook as well?