Tuesday, February 5, 2013

SWTOR Patch 1.7 Galactic Reputation Preview

Patch 1.7 Developer Blog: Galactic Reputation

SWTOR Patch 1.7 Galactic Reputation UI

The first details of SWTOR's upcoming Galactic Reputation system in Patch 1.7 have come to light. This is a new progression system that persists across your Legacy and actions of characters on both factions can contribute to and benefit from it.

The Galactic Reputation level hierarchy from lowest to highest is currently:

  • Outsider
  • Newcomer
  • Friend
  • Hero
  • Champion
  • Legend


Gaining Reputation

Galactic Reputation points are gained through Reputation Trophy items. These come in small, medium, and large sizes. Each Organization has its own type of trophy - these are granted by completing missions for that faction.

There is a weekly per-faction cap limiting grinding, but promoting an active playstyle. When you reach one cap, you can still work on another faction. Subscribers have a 50% boost to Galactic Reputation gain.

Reputation Missions for each Organization

These rewards cannot be granted retroactively. You'll need to keep hammering away at dailies to gain Galactic Reputation.

  • The Voss - [WEEKLY] Defending Voss-ka, Voss Heroic Missions
  • The Gree Enclave - "Relics of the Gree" Event Missions and Bosses
  • Republic Fifth Assault Battalion, Imperial Guard - [WEEKLY] Section X Crisis, Section X Missions
  • Republic Hyperspace Armada, Imperial First Mobile Fleet - Hard Mode Space Missions

Legacy Titles

At Friend and Legend Reputation Ranks, you will earn a Legacy Title. This is displayed instead of your Legacy Name if you choose to use it, and all of your characters gain access to it when unlocked. Examples given are:

SWTOR Patch 1.7 Legacy Titles
  • Gree Research Assistant
  • Honored Silver Acute
  • Hero of Deep Space
  • Hyperspace Legend
  • Hero of Section X
  • Honored Voss-Friend
  • The Hero of Voss


I'm glad to see another progression system that doesn't discriminate against group size, and as a bonus you only need to do it once!

If the weekly Reputation cap is reasonable I think it will promote healthy interaction in more activities across more planets than we go to now. Without knowing what the non-title Galactic Reputation rewards are, it's hard to guess how long it will take to max out any Organization until we see it on PTS.

Of course the downside is our previous efforts won't be rewarded in this new system. Regardless, that's to be expected from implementation of a new idea that didn't have a way to track it earlier. I think we're getting a fresh new carrot on the stick with SWTOR's Galactic Reputation system I'm looking forward to eventually maxing out.