Monday, March 4, 2013

PTS Class DPS Comparison

SWTOR DPS Parses from PTS 2.0 Compared

A thread on the PTS forums is collecting and comparing 5 minute TORParse logs from all specs and classes to see where they currently stand. Check out those logs for details.

DPS Comparison 3/14
New Numbers from 3/14

TL;DR: We're Underperforming

Update 2013/3/5: Amber Green acknowledges Assassin and Shadow DPS feedback. She reminds us changes are possible before the patch goes live and asks for continued feedback.

DPS Comparison

We'll use Assassin/Shadow DPS as a baseline and compare to the top parses gathered so far for each advanced class. Updated 2013/3/17

Assassin and Shadow

Madness / Balance: 2321 (-3%)
Deception / Infiltration: 2401 (Baseline)

Sorcerer and Sage

Madness / Balance: 2610 (+9)

Mercenary and Commando

Arsenal / Gunnery: 2727 (+14%)

Powertech and Vanguard

Hybrid: 2613 (+9%)
Brought in-line 3/14

Juggernaut and Guardian

Vengeance / Vigilance: 2524 (+5%)

Marauder and Sentinel

Annihilation / Carnage: 2704 (+13%)

Operative and Scoundrel

Lethality / Dirty Fighting: 2520 (+5%)

Sniper and Gunslinger

Hybrid: 2742 (+14%)


With the current data we have, every other Advanced Class has a spec capable of outperforming Assassin DPS - by as much as 31%. That's a significant difference because these are sustained parses over 5 minute periods.

Seeing that "Hybrid" specs account for some of the highest DPS and Bioware tends to break talents that synergize too well, we may see those builds nerfed to about 15% higher damage than we're currently doing. We could then be buffed in some way to around the 2600 DPS mark and we'd all be much closer to a happy midpoint.