Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hard Mode Hammer Station Boss Guide

Hard Mode Hammer Station

Hammer Station Asteroid Beast

Hard Mode Hammer Station bosses are most challenging for a healer. DPS needs some positional awareness, but tank control of enemies is the second most important factor for success.

Boss Guide

DN-314 Tunneler

If your tank gets annihilated on this fight, they probably didn't get cleansed. The tunneling beam does increased damage for each stack of a debuff it applies to the tank. Have a healer cleanse this partway through the cast to reset the damage multiplier.

Avoiding the demolition droids is the same as story mode: strafe around and use knockback skills to get them out of the way while you fight the Tunneler

Vorgan the Volcano (and friends)

The tank has three bosses to hold threat on here. Take out the Sawbones first, the droid next, and finally Vorgan himself. The weaker bosses can use a protective shield to reduce their damage taken. As a DoT spec, I don't believe it lasts long enough to warrant setting up a DPS switch, but you can consider it in your strategy.

The droid has a flamethrower that should be pointed away from the group. You can interrupt it once you're fighting it. No new abilities are gained as each boss dies, so the fight gets easier as it goes on.

Bonus Boss: Asteroid Beast

As any uprooted space frog would be, this beast is angry and hits the tank very hard. An AoE stun and damage will put serious pressure on the healer to keep the team alive. In this video the tank's health drops to a dangerous ~5% directly after a stun.

The healer needs to react very quickly to pick up the tank to a reasonable health level before worrying about the lesser AoE damage done to the group.

Force Shroud can prevent some damage or the stun entirely to let you continue attacking. In the case of a tank, you could prevent your health from dipping low by doing this.

Battlelord Kreshan

With improved grenade visibility and no extra tricks, Kreshan is easier than ever. Keep positioned so you can't be knocked off the edge of the platform, kill adds and stay out of the red circles. As a tank, you can physically avoid the boss' sweeping gunfire by stepping behind him.

Enjoy gearing up via Hard Mode flashpoints. Operation tips will come as my group progresses.