Thursday, July 25, 2013

Vote for Sith Assassin Class Representative

Vote for the first Sith Assassin Class Representative Now!

Voting for our first-term Assassin representative is now open. The winner as of July 29th will be responsible for picking the first round of "Top 3 Assassin Issues" to submit for developer discussion on November 8th. Our Shadow counterparts will be up first on September 13th and will likely echo some of our concerns.

Assassin Representative Choices

  • Kitru
  • Xinika - Winner
  • EatenByDistance
  • NamikazeNaturo
  • HoboWithAStick
  • KeyboardNinja

Voting is closed. Congratulations to Xinika on winning first term.

I'm personally a fan of Xinika for the PvP side of things. As you may already know, my tanking recommendations are based on KeyboardNinja's work. I think we can all agree that it's time to bring up our damage output versus other classes again. Look around the forums and pick someone whose interests align with yours.