Monday, December 9, 2013

Darkness Assassin Tanking: 2.5 Aftermath

Darkness Assassin Tanking after 2.5

Have the Darkness Assassin Tanking tree changes helped balance us against other classes? The community's response is mixed. I gave this information some time to accumulate since my own tanking experience is limited. My e-friend +Slade Evans / @DurtaDurta provided the following video to show some of the changes.


There is no need to regear your tank due to the recent changes unless you were overvaluing Endurance for the sake of larger heals. If that was the case, revisit the recommended mitigation stat list (now updated with Dread Forged stats) and adjust accordingly. BiS relics are Reactive Warding and Fortunate Redoubt.


We lost some self-healing Threat-Per-Second (TPS), particularly against secondary/AoE targets. Class rep KeyboardNinja hasn't done the math yet, but believes single-target threat is mostly the same because Dark Charge and Thrash apply more threat than before the patch.

Dark Protection

Maintaining stacks of Dark Protection is the hottest topic amongst Assassin tanks right now. A major gripe is the low duration of the buff, leading to inevitable stacks dropping due to boss mechanics. Force Lightning resists do not apply the buff. That seems to be the most reasonable point Bioware should address to remove RNG from our survivability.

Consensus is that outside of boss mechanics, we are very capable of keeping Dark Protection stacks up about 95% of the time. If you're initially having a difficult time with it you were probably not making the most of your self-heals before the patch. This is simply a way to track how effectively you're playing.

Overall Experience

You'll probably find yourself at lower health while soloing or doing anything without a healer compared to before Patch 2.5 without your self-heals.

On paper you'll take around the same amount of total damage in a group setting, but it will be less spikey. The result: you're easier to heal and more in-line with other tanks. Ultimately it looks like that goal was achieved, but we'll keep an eye on how tanking continues to play out.