About Belanos

I'm a 26 year old MMO gamer who was enthralled with the Emperor when I saw the re-release of the original Star Wars Trilogy in theater when I was younger.  My first MMO was Star Wars Galaxies, back when unlocking jedi was difficult.  I predictably, was a lightning flinger.

I moved on to World of Warcraft after SWG had some questionable redesigns.  News about Star Wars:  The Old Republic was exciting, and I was in testing about four months before release.  My love of lightning and double bladed sabers led me to the Assassin class, where I've quickly needed to adapt to a melee play style

I've decided to share my thoughts on the game with the world, and as I strive to better myself, I'll provide guides and tips.  I'm beginning to take progression raiding more seriously than previous years.

Why "Mad" Sith Assassin? It referred to the Madness tree from pre-3.0. I don't plan on changing the name to "Hateful Sith Assassin." It doesn't roll off the tongue.

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