About Belanos

I'm a 25 year old MMO gamer who was enthralled with the Emperor when I saw the re-release of the original Star Wars Trilogy in theater when I was younger.  My first MMO was Star Wars Galaxies, back when unlocking jedi was difficult.  I predictably, was a lightning flinger.

I moved on to World of Warcraft after SWG had some questionable redesigns.  I played a Resto Druid primarily, and occasionally used a Mage alt.  I was extremely excited about Star Wars:  The Old Republic, and I was in testing about four months before release.  My love of lightning and double bladed sabers led me to the Assassin class, where I've quickly needed to adapt to a melee playstyle.

I've decided to share my thoughts on the game with the world, and as I strive to better myself, I'll provide guides and tips.  I'm currently in the TORWars guild where I run Operations at the Hard Mode level with my team called Midnight Mynocks. You can also find me attempting to solo Heroics and maxxing out reputations in my spare time.

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